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Raro perfume en el aire - Ebook(Spa)

A poetry compilation and stories that emerges from the collective "Son esas cosas que pasan". The game of confronting words and giving them meaning without pretending that it is the same for everyone. Telling stories to let us travel to the sensation of being other people. Events happening everyday and resonating in a fantastic harmony.

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New Album - "Catarsis 40tina"


Together with the Boring Band we’ve created this electro pop musical album: "Catarsis 40tina ". For us it has been literally the catharsis to the pandemic. This time’s of self-awareness and introspection confronts us with our deepest sense of humanity. Our answer to the questions in this facing our self came through composition , music, different languages ​​and states of mind. We think that we were able to translate all this into our album.
We are glad to share with you our interpretation of the last 4 months in these 25 minutes of music and really hope that you are able to connect with us through our quarentine journey. Buckle up and enjoy.